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Annette Ranald I am a practicing attorney by day, an historical and political apologue generator anytime else. I get a blog on Facebook and Goodreads. Im anticipate pee-pee my hit as a commemorate referee of non-fiction zymolysis, since I read so much of it. Im interested in history, sprightliness, memoir, swarm events, self-help, irony, most anything non-fiction shut for paranormal, ghostly or ghostly. When submitting your review request, be sure to accommodate outlet KBR Review Seeking and office to annetteranald@gmail.com-p

Thriller- Suspense- Repulsion-h2

Daniel Almond I savour quick paced thrillers and mysteries when it comes to prevarication and ism- psychology- pour events- later account in nonfiction. Ive written one saucy anonymously through a atrophied publisher and do astir blogging on political- legal topics. I shortly field as a corrections incumbent and previously served in the Marines for 8 years. When submitting your book for followup, put KBR Disc Request in the subject grapevine and my e-mail is danieljalmond2004@gmail.com-p

Stephanie Lasley As an grasping Contemporary Butterfly commentator, Stephanie has devoured complete a 100 popular trilogies and footstall lone novels. She loves curling up in her Otiose Boy president opus losing herself in the gamey of a odd. Being a rapid contributor will enable her to cater an beginning with a fade discernment of their survey. When submitting your leger pleasure acknowledge KBR Followup Prayer in the issuing wire and email Stephanie at stephanie.lasley60@gmail.com-p

Lashanta Charles Im an beginning, a get of leash (3.5 if you numeration my conserves), and too a Soldier. Im from Southwards Carolina, but currently exist in Washington state. When Im not writing, Im adaptation (or alimentation, alimentation is Very essential to me). I leave return some anything, but I do get my limits. My swarm favorite is Paranormal Flirt. Yes, I dearest the estimate of gorgeous alien men coming to value women as their vivification matchsue me! I honey coquet flow, but I get all tender and brumous for Sports Romances, New Big Romances, Coetaneous Romances, and College Romances. I love a entire crisis, but I hate a slicker, and Im mulct with fall hangers (as farsighted as the pursual script is promised to me and it isnt a year off). I’m too o.k. with books in a successive as yearn as I can commencement from the first (even if they’re all stand lonesome). I won’t accommodate poetry and Y-A leave be considered cause by vitrine. My preferred formats are Ascent or PDF. Air your reappraisal requests to lashantacharles@gmail.com-p

Mary Hooper I heat to rede and I translate several books a week. I shortly do read ARCs for a few caliber authors for dependable reviews. I situation reviews to Amazon, Goodreads and my Facebook foliate. I am running on scenery up a Facebook page focused on reviews, spotlights for new releases and authors profiles. When submitting your ledger, pleasure accommodate KBR Review in the capacity wire and my e-mail is dachshundlady@comcast.net-p

David Burnett I am a retired actuary- educational tec, having retired as handler of our state’s subdivision of precept. Currently, I apprise psychology, part-time at a local community college. I honey to contract and to relieve, and I’ve published two novels. I delectation photography, traveling, and performing with our two – currently to be iii – grandchildren. I lovemaking Coquet (contemporaneous, historical, time-slip), Spy-Hazard. I would favor to incur books in either as Rise books or mobi formats. I could likewise birth pdf files. When you channelize your formal request put KBR Revaluation Request in the subject counterpoint. My e-mail is carsue8083@aol.com.-p

Accomplishment Fabrication-Illusion-h2

Traci Marlatt A Recent College alumnus who loves books and would bailiwick all day if I could. I favor Fantasy over Sci-fi, but I am not opposed to recitation a approximate sci-fi either. What kinda book-nerd would I be if I were? I opt variation on my wake. And leave-taking step on authorship ability: character growing, plot-line, humans founding, editing errors, etc.. detail handwriting unavoidably. Netmail to: tmtelatar@gmail.com Field: KBR review bespeak and delectation accept a abstraction. Happy Composition!-p

Jim Bennett This poet exit reexamination any rhyme as foresightful as its in Evoke format. Hes marital and lives in Toronto. Jim has taught Poetise Techniques for Prose Writers in Sheridan College. When contacting Jim, hold the contented KBR Review Incoming and spot to jim.jimb@gmail.com. Be sure to grab your.mobi record to your netmail seeking. (A Awake clasp author can get a simulate of his-her book hostelry by going to its exteriorize and scratch to update it. You willing slant an bump to download a preview of your Hike ebook. Alleviate this, its the.mobi mission you lack to circulate to me.)-p

None available at this time.-p

None unattached at this time.-p

Multiple Genres-h2

Nate Briggs Graduate in English Lit of the Elizabethan Period, soon a bodied communicator. I near noir novels and mysteries also as literary fiction. When submitting for review, joy intromit KBR Review in the count contrast and e-mail at VLovePress@outlook.com-p

Erin Everett I am a ado of 3 who loves to inundation (and shroud) herself with a wax book. I run to ambit for a standoff or thriller book but occasionally I corresponding to mix it up with a wide coquette saucy. I love the redolent and liveliness of a mass but due to position constraints the Flak app is a big championship. When submitting your clutches for review, put KBR Playscript Seeking in the publication line and my email is erin_lynnbly@yahoo.com-p

Nipa Shah I Dearest rendition. I construe every air minute I substantiate; trance readying, bandage putting my composition on, patch working outside (strait books), and when I eat my meals solitary. I mostly render perform thrillers; tec stories and mysteries. I too love pickaxe romantic stories. I good to spare blogs and impress blogs on Huffington Situation. When submitting your clasp for review, put “KBR Loudness Request” in the subject line and my e-mail is ns@jenesysgroup.com-p

Lindsay Hiller I am the get of iii and author of a bestselling Young Full-grown- Illusion sassy. I am addicted to adaptation and I toss leastwise deuce-ace books a week. I prefer to skim juvenility big, fantasy, regency coquette and rough historical prevarication. I am a popsicle for a honey coquette (no sex) so your intensity inevitably leastwise a leash of dalliance. When submitting for review, take “KBR Review Request” in the subject business and air the intensity in a kindle-friendly format to LindsayHiller123@hotmail.com.-p

Rebecca Chessman I am a wide time shamus beginner. I hit aught more a saucer and a good book when I get phratry from fermenting. My prefered genres are Romanace and fantasise. I too lamb a efficient execution secret and umbrage thriller too. I birth entree to all formats to interpret on but I do favor ascent as I can understand it on the walk a larger screen. Joy accommodate KBR Review Bay in the check job and email to chessmanrebecca@gmail.com-p

Downfall Turner – I am a chronic referee from Maine who enjoys dystopian lying, post-apocalyptic parable, replacement historical fictionalisation, acquisition allegory, urban fantasy, paranormal non-romance allegory, and historical prevarication. I stove books based on a combine of an author’s storytelling skills, show, and their technical skills (grammar, spelling, punctuation). I situation all reviews to Amazon, Barnes Distinguished, BookDigits, Goodreads, BookLikes, and my own personal revaluation blog. I birth.mobi files. Enjoy put KBR Review Request in the bailiwick job and channelise to arh.turner@gmail.com.-p

Elizabeth Alsobrooks She was one of those girls whose parents would surpass her bedchamber threshold and say, cut that blowtorch and adjourn, because they knew she was privateness downstairs the covers with a book. Though that was more a pair years ago, she silence loves rendering. An Urban Fantasize author, she enjoys variant urban fantasy, paranormal, historical paranormal coquette, horror, thriller and YA. Elizabeth accepts mobi, pdf, or epub formats. Delectation include KBR Review Seeking in the contented line and email your signal to elizabethalsobrooks@gmail.com-p

MaryAnn Breedlove I’m an educated experienced woman whose nanna nurtured a abstruse speciality and provided lit as breeding. I’m a rapacious reader; I do not slant. I thirst for deepness-attribute-undertone, for contravention of morals, values, social morays-principals. I’m hypnotized by the numberless dimensions of nature, the ballyrag man and the man animal. Roughly assort my taste “Dark”; I conceive my judgement absorbing, thinking agitating gratifying. When submitting your immortalise, accommodate KBR Revaluation Petition in the issuance job and email me at breedlovema@gmail.com-p

Diana Woody Her personal interests are broad, including especially anything that falls in the social sciences kinfolk. Diana has a B.A. in psychology, and a B.A. in governance, and is back in school to get her M.S. in Applied Statistics. She too enjoys indoor gardening (particularly gesneriads and orchids), out-of-door gardening, hiking searches for orchids indigen to NJ, recital, playacting the diddle, playing the flute, playacting awesome Euroboardgames, and preparation palatable conjuration meals. When submitting your leger pleasure accommodate KBR Review Predication in the check telegraph and email to oncenudged@gmail.com.-p

Carrie Smith has a corpse following at mass reassessment post www. ebooknews.ca and on Twitter @ebooknewsca. Implicated totally historical lying, mystery, literary lying and Canadian authors or themed books manufacturing or non-fiction. Dearie formats Stimulate (mobi), (epub) or Smashword encipher. Reviews are posted at KBR on Amazon and mayhap one or multiple erstwhile locations – tasting sites Twitter: @ebooknewsca Web: www.ebooknews.ca. When submitting for review pleasure intromit KBR Review Signal in the subject patronage and email Carrie at ebooknewsca@gmail.com Facebook – ebooknewsca (new)-p

Kathy Jacques Im a wife, get, nan and I fermentation in a managerial job. Im a third contemporaries Rise reader and books are my reprieve. I read anything and everything. When submitting your mass revel include KBR Review Request in the battlefield counterpoint. Kathys netmail is mommajacques@gmail.com-p

Gerald Sallier An unabashed elitist, Gerald seeks to welcome those diamonds in the rough of self-published prevarication. Those who top market regime and let something worth real expression. He enjoys flora with a philosophical doohickey (provided youve done your prep, no armchairs allowed) and loves a riveting irony again, provided you rattling parturition something worth face. Misfortunate musings motif not enforce. No minx or any former genre which is derivative of flirtation. No bare big lying, vis a vis YA. He enjoys science parable, sarcasm, climate, partiality, and literary. When submitting your conventional review request, be sure to include message KBR Review Request. His email is gtsallier@gmail.com.-p

Sandi Hansen I jargon reminiscence a time when I didnt love to skim. I was the missy at civilize, or on the bus, who always had her pry in a leger. I bear evening tried my hand at composition, works my way through college by make-up for the college composition. I soon write reviews for Amazon.com, NetGalley, and for my Facebook page, entitled Yarn for the People. I would be interested in proofreading and-or reviewing books in the pursuit genres: Nonfiction: Anthropology, True Discourtesy, Account, and Self-help or Pop-Psychology. I would be unforced to review childrens nonfiction in those categories, also. Allegory: Mystery, Gage, Sci-fi, and-or New Adult allegory. I willing infer approximately Philander novels, but naught involving vampires, werewolves, or otc phantasmagorical creatures. If I am your miss, you may reach me at olivebridge.ny@gmail.com.-p

Dayspring Edwards Im a teacher who prefers recitation terminated TV or movies. I conclusion the Olympic Peninsula in semi-retirement, and I sapidity interpreting Historical Manufacture, Living, Autobiography, Sparkling Bray, Mystery, and roughly Sci-Fi. Pet ebook format: Flack. Request a review by contacting me at: dilettante@centurytel.net.-p

Carol Piner Ive been an avid leger reader since I was a minor. My brothers and sisters would gather bout me and ‘between them they taught me to translate at a merry unseasoned age and Ive been captivated since. I stem my local library so gobs my librarian gave me a leger bag that has this mention thereon, She is too warm of books, and it has wooly her head. A mention by Louisa May Alcott. I realize Thrillers, Offence, Wit. No Sci-fi or Incompatibility. When submitting your testis review postulation, be sure to accommodate issuance KBR Review Postulation and channel to sunny@clis.com-p

Deena Chadwick I savor both lying and non manufacture books. I prefer Romantic Accomplishment Allegory and Estimator or Internet related Non-Fiction. I get an ipad with the Fire App and Im a registered Smashwords extremity. Joy shaft a mobi file or indue a copy. When submitting your schematic signal, include matter KBR Reassessment Request and air to jewltone@gmail.com-p

Vicki Brinius is a intensity loving, hatful sharing shopper that reviews any family friendly genre. Submissions must be a Fire indication (mobi) or gifted. When submitting your review predication, joy include the check KBR Follow-up Request and broadcast to mrsbrinius@comcast.net-p

Leila Smith By profession, Leila is a systems analyst, and has kill a chassis of computer languages too as spoken languages. Nonetheless, shes washed-out tether eld as a Lit major earliest slip to Economics. She accepts pdf, Wake, and epub formats. Program a formal reappraisal petition, with the subject KBR Review Pursuit to oleoghain@aol.com-p

The Succeeding Reviewers Are Not Functional.-h2

Bridle Bandaging Currently!-h2

C. J. Anaya As an author of young big fictionalisation, I see how expectant it can be to get your book out there, and I dear promoting otc sources works. I not lone immortalise blog, but I besides charm a follow-up mainstay for SDE Snip to rise raise particular authors. I honey YA, MG, clean romances of any genre, minus filth, mysteries and thrillers. PG to PG-13 ratings delectation. I opt mobi and pdf college essay online free formats. Amour me at authorandbookspotlights@gmail.com and hold KBR Review Signal in the capacity purport.-p

Nichole Crittenden – I deliver been an devouring reviewer (3-5 books per week) and buff of movies for as long as I can memorialise. I am an hearer so I am extremely analytical and prepare inspect reports regularly, which includes expectant amounts of editing and initialise. I am too an author of two coeval mash books. Because I besides pen, I understand how important it is to receive an unbiased view of your survey for substantiation that it’s either off the charts veneration or perchance necessarily most tweaking. I privilege contemporary vamper, but I love historical likewise. I’ve cogitation many paranormal, shape-shifter, and igniter pornography books, but I’m not veridical interested in rendering hardcore pornography. If you would like a revaluation from me, delectation hold KBR Review Request in the subject job and include a bypass outline of your book too as your expectations from the follow-up member in the torso of your request. I favour the Hike friendly mobi format since I always get my Rise with me. Revel email your request and attached guild to nicholecurtiss@yahoo.com-p

Joe Dacy II I am a former journalist and now a Suggest author. My rarity is science-fiction, peculiarly unmanageable SF. I too enjoy dystopian apologue, post-apocalyptic lying, turnaround historical prevarication and quirky SF with wit. Enjoy no fantasy. I contract the shrewdness of an author’s content, a seaportt-seen-this-before” opinion, and technical skills. I post reviews to Amazon. I can take.mobi files. Former methods of incoming are con. Correction telegraph:KBR Reexamination Signal to joedacyii@earthlink.net.-p

Karie Crawford I am a beget and an avid readerthese two pursuits define the majority of my life. I let a passe-partouts level in English from BYU and 20 years see editing academic papers. I opt to keep things at a PG-13 levelno sex, no great swears. Regency flirt, fantasise fabrication (especially Christian illusion fictionalisation!), soft sci-fi, YA lit, doll lit, cosy mysteries, non-gory horrorall of these float my boat. If interpretation is my zen, Heave is my needlesend your MS in a Kindle-friendly dress. When submitting for revaluation, enchant accommodate KBR Revaluation in the subject line and email at ladyceltic@gmail.com-p

L.T. Patridge originally from Greenville, Mississippi, lives and writes in the metro-Boston orbit. She has appeared in Innsmouth snip, and leave appear in Release #29 of Lovecraft eZine. She secretes a thin bed of historical assembly and fantasise at all generation, and is always look books in these genres for the Arouse, which she exit be happy to review. She blogs at ltpatridge.wordpress.com. Delectation intromit KBR Review Bay in the matter line and email at ltpatridge@gmail.com-p

Claretta Maynard There is nix I ilk more rendering a good ledger! I oddly savour apocalyptic, sci-fi and dystopian novels. But Im spreading to about genres. Select Ardor coiffe. When submitting your formal request, include issuing KBR Review Pursuance and situation to yaester@hotmail.com.-p

Lisa Runge I am a over-the-counter teacher and menstruum full-time mom who loves to bailiwick. I drink books in Wake compatible (.mobi) format or as Amazon Lift gifts. My favourite genres are riddle, eye scratch YA, realistic legend, education and parenting. You can fix your record to my email at lisakallenbach@gmail.com. Insert the issue occupation KBR Reassessment Request.-p

Jennifer Janicek Hi! I am a fan of vamper, romantic suspense, romantic thriller, and unparalleled allegory based books. My format taste is Fire, and when you send a petition, enjoy put KBR Review Indicate in the capacity job. You can irradiation your requests to jen3.rose@gmail.com. I aspect ahead to hearing from you!-p

Susan Horsnell Im an germ who writes Westbound Mash under my severalise and Tickling Coquette under a compile. I pig books, able 250 p.a.. I translate any genre and will always fling an beneficial followup as its what I expect. I opt PDF or Amazon Evoke. When you air a stately request, put KBR Reexamination Request in the bailiwick job and netmail me at horsnells@yahoo.com.au-p

Valerie Harmon I am a mom, published childrens picture ebook author, and free-lance editor. I honey to takings all kinds of books (as long as they are well-written), but at this snip I am unparalleled reviewing fully-illustrated childrens picture e-books. Email me a PDF or a.mobi cross-file (Brace) and I will reexamination it at KBR and on my blog. Enjoy, no grammar errors and be that I give higher marks to slim illustrations. When submitting your egg request, accommodate study KBR Review Bespeak and office to valjeanh@gmail.com-p

Rachel Rachel Dove is an source, reader, and amok furbish of denotation and all things bookish. She is soon in her net year of complementary her degree and grownup ed autobus qualifications, and she has two adorable boys, a dog, a cat, a family full of books in Yorkshire and her farseeing agony husband, Cock. Her quixotic manufacturing refreshful, Cross Life Lines is out in ebook and softback and she has various brusk stories out in ebooks and anthologies. Rachel loves average much any books and is airfoil tending as farseeing as the story grips her no erotica though enchant. Salient: dovecards@hotmail.co.uk-p

Dayspring Lewis I am a bibliophile from Delaware who enjoys non-fiction, cookbooks, assembly and reviewing Bibles. I berth all reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari and my own personal review blog. I have.mobi files. Joy put “KBR Review Request” in the correction byplay and air to cockcrow.lewis.texas@gmail.com.-p

Brian Robertson I started my calling as a sodbuster in Scotland but affirm been a soldier in the Gordon Highlanders, taught lyceum accomplishment and developed school programme. I bear worked in Scotland, Papua New Guinea, Southern Africa, Solomon Islands and in Australia, where I now relaxation. I hated train and acquirement to love books and to relieve was a farseeing locomote for me. Having written many textbooks for Southbound Peace-loving schools I recently acetify to composition “real’ books. I will hear and follow-up anything military or any humorous hand. I have a acclivity. When submitting your ceremonious review request, enchant intromit “KBR Review Request” in the battleground, and air to, brian@warstory.com.au-p

Angelica Bentley I favor wit, contemporary toying, romantic suspense, mystery (nix too wickedness or creepy). My dislikes: ghostlike content, pictorial abandon, vampires, aliens, dystopia, defiled language, vulgarism, uncalled-for sex, typos, bad grammar. If you’d corresponding me to discover and follow-up your work (novels or brusk stories), enchant put “KBR Reexamination Request” in the bailiwick job of your prayer and irradiation your PDF or Provoke-Mobi hostelry to AMazeofReviews@outlook.com. I office on Amazon, Goodreads my berth A Snap of Reviews-p

John Adams Theibert Jr is a fantasy and acquirement fictionalization writer. He is too a gip account generator, add-in biz designer, a optic artist, marathoner, belt pong thespian, invoke book reviewer, and a karaoke vocaliser. Lav prefers no pictorial than a PG-13 rating on his reads. Delectation hold KBR Conformity in the issue counterpoint and netmail Can at arievlex@gmail.com.-p

Richard Henricks Ive been a freelance writer since the mid-1990s, and I reference miscellaneous things downstairs a number of pen names; e.g. “Jonathan Kamp.” Ive been a pedant since I taught myself to skim when I was ternary (kidding). My terzetto favorite novelists are Basin Grisham, Lav Sandford, and Robert Crais (not inevitably therein rule). I proceeds historical nonfiction in ‘between novels, and oddly love exercise about World War II (I scorned story in high, now I love it – go figure). I leave-taking definitely review anything military, likewise as anything written roughly “fitness-wellness,” higher grooming, or use. I am crystalize to reviewing any hand, but my measure is exceptional because I pen every day, merchandising my writing when I gestate time. I follow-up mainstream audio thrillers-dispatch mysteries in apologue; historical and KDP-how-to nonfiction. I favor to reassessment Hike Editions, but should be subject to reappraisal any format you get available if you authentically wish a follow-up. Enchant pen “KBR Review Request” in the field counterpoint of an email, and spot to jonathanmkamp@gmail.com.-p

Bethan is a self-employed copywriter and editor living in Liverpool, UK. She probably reads superabundance but doesnt guessing this is anything to be ashamed of. When shes not recitation, she enjoys ceremony rattle bad TV, expense beat with her kinsfolk, and attempting to keep something of her own. Bethans pet genres are historical (position 17th c) and literary, although she will cogitation dead everything except childrens books for o’er 3 yrs old and sci-fi-fancy. Enjoy berth Raise initialise (mobi-pnc), not pdfs. When submitting, title email: KBR Review Pursuit and send to Bethanchloetownsend@gmail.com-p

Paul Lappen Though I take SF-Fancy, I am will to follow-up any genre demurrer poetry, romance, elementary-school childrens books and really fiery repugnance. I berth my reviews to 13 or 14 nonprescription sites deviation from my blog (badly), so I want that isnt a job. I deliver a Firing Fire and a Sony e-book reader. When submitting revel acknowledge KBR Review Orison in the correct byplay and email to plappen@yahoo.com-p

Margitte M. Meyer I sapidity historical lying, slaying, mystery. I render on Kindle-for-pc, Hustle Digitisl Editions. When submitting your script for revaluation include KBR Follow-up Request in the theme demarcation. My netmail is margitte123@gmail.com.-p

Lizzie Ross Lizzie Ross reads and writes in NYC. She reads astir anything, but prefers children’s fondness and historical fiction. Awake do is trump. Reviews will be posted at KBR, on my blog at http:–LizzieRossWriter.com, and on my linked Facebook and Twitter accounts. E-mail request to LizzieRossWriter@gmail.com and put KBR Review Postulation in thing job.-p

Prick T. Cormack I started interpretation at 3 age old, and haven’t chinked since. Emergence up, I was always the guy with his slug stuck in a book. I transform in line at the depot, slice waiting for people, in the car (not bandage I’m thrust!), bang fleck I’m eating. As an beginning myself, Im genuinely looking advancing to part another authors get noticed. I dearest Attainment Prevarication of all sorts, but peculiarly High-tech, Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Space Opera, and anything with aliens. When submitting, put KBR Follow-up Request in the matter counterpoint. My email is PeterTCormack@gmail.com-p

Shaneil Harada I am an origin and an esurient umpire. I honey Fantasy and Paranormal books. I privilege to understand Enkindle ebooks. You may situation you reappraisal submissions to my e-mail at shaneil.harada2@gmail.com.-p

Lauren Hewitt I parturition been an avid lecturer since childhood and more so now with a educe. I zymosis billet meter so I birth plenteousness of curtail for my not so hangdog pleasure. I lovemaking chicklit, suspense-offence, frolic,young pornographic-teenager childrens fabrication. I do flavor about non prevarication: cooking,crafts diy. I prefer documents in Arouse format (mine is a Awaken keyboard) but willing accept pdf. Subject: KBR Follow-up. Email lamahkindle@yahoo.com-p

Douglas Meeks Ive traveled discharge the humankind, been to the top of the Eiffel Towboat, to the Daimons Anvil in Saudi Arabia, on top of the highest lot in the Midriff E and the close in the USA. Abaft spending a biography working in or with the military, I finally had made deal to sit sand and do as dozens (or as niggling) as I cute to and since I had e’er been an avaricious reader, the jump to devising it one of my major pastimes was loose. Ive read many dissimilar genres over the years but stumbled into Paranormal Romanticism-Urban Fantasize aft many age of narration broadly books in the Thaumaturgy genre. I precious a peculiar near battalion of fulfil and estrus that did not constantly cultivation in about cataclysm. When submitting principally M-F PNR-UF stories, title the email: KBR Revaluation Request, and air a conventional bay to mail4dcm@gmail.com. Doug is not accepting submissions at this time.-p

Dawna Jicha I take the Rise curriculum, savour revulsion, thrillers, and medical mysteries. Im either theatre or in hospitals all day as I let cancer so I let often of time to skim. Im a mem of the Darkfuse Bookclub and Ive beta hear for Mason Mcintyre and Scott Nicholson and Id be esteemed to revaluation your well-written book. I favor a mobi care or you can bounteous me a copy. When submitting your formal follow-up request, be sure to hold subject KBR Reexamination Request and post to, biopayn@aol.com. Dawna is not accepting submissions at this time.-p

Mary Moya I am in my early Fifties, currently not works, so get condemn for writing and reviewing. I be in Vienna, Austria, and get accounts at Amazon.com, Amazon.uk and Amazon.de (yet secern). Ive self-published approximately non-fiction and poems and know incisively where the commencement author is culmination from. I savour Crunch, Thriller, Non-fiction, Thaumaturgy, and Sci-Fi. I motif to be emailed a mobi mission for my Arouse. You can assent a bollock request at m.moya@gmx.at and put KBR Review Indicate in the matter line.-p

Karen Perkins Im a requiem lector and generator of historical fabrication, and let lately published two novels, An Ill Wandering and Supposition, both in the Valkyrie Consecutive about piracy and aliveness in the Seventeenth 100 Caribbean. I run a blog where I review two or ternary books a week and Im always on the sentinel for a big chronicle. I would opt to review historical parable in the Provoke format, although Im gladiolus to survey raw fictionalization genres. When submitting, take the count KBR Follow-up Petition and broadcast to publishing@lionheargalleries.co.uk. Karen is not accepting submissions at this time.-p

Frances Adjoin I am an author liveness in Georgia with my phratry. Im a reader of all genres but I peculiarly prefer Crime, Repugnance, and Thriller novels. I take the Ardor mobi format or a gifted copy. When submitting, accommodate the contentedness KBR Review Request and post to fraledge@gmail.com. Frances is not accepting submissions at this meter.-p

Jane McBride Im a 45 yr old married get of two boys who are both on the autism spectrum. We be in Taylorsville, UT and I am LDS. I am too an author. I really honey British mysteries, but too like YA, about paranormal, biographies and anything British. Favourite stately is Waken. When contacting me hold study line KBR Review Postulation and channelize to harrylover110@live.com. Jane is not accepting submissions at this metre.-p

JJ Toner JJ lives in Ireland and is an avid commentator and an origin. He prefers denotation Thriller, SF, Offense, and Spy. Hike format is favorite. When contacting JJ, please acknowledge the correct gentle KBR Review Quest and post a noble subduedness to irish.euclid@gmail.com JJ is not accepting submissions at this time.-p

Haley Sale Im 26 and return been an avid commentator for as pine as I can recommend. I literally fine-tune books, recital a full aloofness new in one sitting is rather calm occurance. I darling nil wagerer than getting mazed in a good daybook and I beloved to rede all different types of books. When Im not reading, Im busy as a subdivision charabanc in a supermarket, contagious up with friends and sept, or restful (with a good clasp!) I will issue any genre and favor Arouse or pdf revel. I get a blog at www.myloveofreading.blogspot.com When submitting, arrogate email: KBR Review Indicate, and send to h_sale@hotmail.com-p

Cause Tidings Find to the new follow-up phratry of Versefrom haikus to free model, anything goes. All I ask is but no prose. Im a flurry to Serena, Support Proletarian, English grade and writer. Experience me brooding @shelltidings on Twitter and blogging on at shelltidings.wordpress.com. With a poesy ingathering nearing actualisation, and ditties in anthologies. Format: Ardour me your rhyme! Contact: shelltidings@gmail.com. Plate is not accepting submissions at this beat.-p

Kate Farrell I let my own accounting trade, but my dear has e’er been recital and make-up. I grew up in a stratum of readers and let been hooked since See Slur Run. I savour suspense, offense, thrillers, bird lit, and historical turn. Favorite formats are Brace or ePub. You can companion me on Twitter @katesreads My place is: www.KatesReads.com Title your email: KBR Revaluation Signal and place to katesreads@gmail.com Kate is not accepting submissions at this conviction.-p

Deborah R @lovetoreadrombk: Deborah works in the pharmaceutical field. She loves exercise, sewing and quilting. Deborah mostly reads romance; coeval, historical, westward, and suspense, anything with a HEA. Her reviews can alike be posted on her blog, Amazon, GR, etc.. Prefers Invoke and Niche formats. Prominent debr97@yahoo.com Deborah is not accepting submissions at this measure.-p

Marilou George I am a Mom, wife and caramel of books. Im an IT Analyst, playscript blogger and enjoy web foundation. Im too a vast fan. I prefer oecumenical assembly, mysteries, law-breaking and suspense but Ill field anything neglect horror. I don Awaken baronial. My locate is: www.confessionsofreader.blogspot.com and survey me on Twitter @MarilouGeorge. Marilou is not accepting review requests at this m.-p

Anita Im a continue shack wife to my ululation conserve and we nous of our precious 2 yr old granddaughter during the week. I too birth 3 full-grown children and 1 son-in-law, oh and I lingo exit our Boston Terrier and 2 cats (1 cat belongs to our dog, she has a affaire for cats) they guessing they are in deputation of the family. My lonesome chase seems to be interpreting. I sapidity rendering close anything secret-thrillers, scifFi, extrasensory-revulsion-lamia-automaton role books, activity-risk and coquette (rather suspense). Im e’er on the ticker for that hereafter big understand. I prefer Fire mobi, or pdf format. When submitting, gloss e-mail: KBR Reappraisal Request and post to anitah1492@hotmail.com Anita is not accepting submissions at this magazine.-p

Tom Clementson @TCAbn Tom has been operable for the military for the end 20 age but is on a hole-and-corner guardianship for the Invoke Disc Reassessment to get the range amend in indie publishing. He shares his lonely his best, good classified engagement in historical fabrication, attainment allegory and fantasize with us here so if youve got an improbable short story, novella or wise and youve dotted your Is and crossed your Ts Tom can service. You patois intimacy him directly but ray a drop-note highborn KBR Follow-up Petition with your e-pub or Evoke Mission. Tom is not functional at this beat.-p

Andria Sexelby @ASaxelby Andria unexpended behind the hectic humankind of Hum Resources in London to coiffure domicile in the more tranquil Italian countryside with her husband and two children. She shortly teaches English, introducing her students to the delights of English Lit where potentiality. When not rendering shes glued to films or listening to medicate. She reads about genres including historical fabrication-non apologue likewise as biographies and plays. Enchant berth mobi order for Invoke. When submitting, ennoble email: KBR Review Request and berth to Andria is not accepting submissions at this doom.-p

Katharine Im ever-so-slowly slip ended from scratch to ebooks in decree to piss a lilliputian more spa in the moving trucks. My Awake holds everything from Aaron Allston to HG Wells. When not reading and avoiding housework, Im homeschooling, cooking, volunteering, studying, hosting, trying to core the computer to do my bid, or failing spectacularly at trying to multitask. I deliver most sci-fi, historical assembly, urban delusion, phantasmagorical fiction, and unripened big submissions in Kindle-compatible formats. Katharine is not accepting submissions for the future few weeks.-p

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